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Know Your Learning Style to Do Better in Studies

Among the individual variables, it cannot be denied that the learning style is of the most essential because it determines how each one learns, which affects someway to the other factors. This study, therefore, aims to detect the predominant learning style among the students and find a teaching methodology that best suits their preferences and that allows them to develop their skills to the maximum.

Although it is ideal that the students possess in the same proportion all learning styles, the truth is that always one or two styles dominate in most of them. That's why, it is important to know the learning styles of the students to adjust the programming of studies to their preferences and their interests so that they can develop, maximise their potential and their abilities. This requirement is unavoidable in the new teaching-learning trend in which the student is in the centre of their learning. Different studies have proven that students learn better when they are taught according to their predominant learning styles. Also, it is recommended that students are aware of what their learning styles are so that they can continue to develop them, as it would benefit them in learning anything all through their lives. The process to acquire this information can be summarized as follows:

Diagnosis of learning styles
Adequate improvement strategy
Learning to learn

Theories and concepts of learning styles
When talking about learning styles, you can understand that they imply preferences by some method when one learns something. However, there is still a lack of consensus among academics about what they are comprised of. The point that does share most of the definitions is that in the learning style "it's about how it processes the information or how the perceptions of each influence it. Being directly related to processing of information from the mind, some researchers also call them cognitive styles, what makes them hereditary factors, before learning experiences. However, numerous scholars confirm that the styles of learning are determined not only by cognitive traits but also effective and physiological traits.

According to the California Journal of Science, a learning style consists of a series of personal characteristics with which you are born and which you develop as you grow. It determines, among other things, through which activities and senses tend to absorb information more easily; either through sight, hearing, touch, speech, note-taking or a combination of these.

Next, we present a summary of four of the best-known learning styles. It is about representation systems that are based on the senses on which people depend for processing information.

Visual Learning - This tends to be the dominant learning style for most people. It happens when one tends to think about images and relate them to ideas and concepts. As when one resorts to conceptual maps to remember complex ideas, concepts and processes.An example of the media used is television, videos, Internet searches, posters, and advertising, among others.

Auditory Learning - People who tend to remember information better by following and remembering an oral explanation or by listening to the information. This system does not allow abstracting or relating the concepts with the same ease as the visual one, but it is fundamental to the learning of things like music and languages.

Tactile or Kinaesthetic Learning - It is the concept of learning related to our senses and actions. In other words, according to this style, we learn more easily when we move and touch things, such as when we walk when getting some information or carrying out an experiment using laboratory instruments. This system is slower than the other two but tends to generate deeper learning which is not easy to forget and includes things such as learning to ride a bicycle.

Read/Write Learning – The students who are good at this style tend to grow using the traditional methods of study. Unlike tactile or kinesthetic learners, they tend to sit at a place and read a good amount of text and also get good ideas about the content. They are the people who can read a novel overnight. Their note-taking capabilities are very good that is why they tend to do better at the lectures. That is why it is one of the best tools in their inventory and helps them to do well in the classes.

In the end, it can be said that nobody is completely given to a single system of learning since we all develop complex learning forms that result from the amalgamation of many aspects.Hence, for example, there are those who need to study in silence and those who can do it by listening to music. The point is that it is important to take into account, at least, that people learn in different ways, to make education a more enriching practice for everyone whether in the class or out of it.

How to become a good reader?

Reading is a hobby for many people, and they enjoy it as a way of relaxing and enrichment of their minds.Reading is also a critical skill which helps to learn and develop to be successful in school, college and at the professional level. Collecting right reading material helps to increase the skills and to maintain a positive attitude can help to improve the reading. You can also enhance your reading skills by adopting some proper measures.

·         Start at beginners’ level

You should always start with the manageable level and then reach a higher level gradually. If you start with the difficulty level, it will become quite challenging for you. You can also skip the pages at the beginning which do not gain your interest, and you fail to understand them. You should not try to finish up the whole reading at once, divide it into small parts so that you can maintain interest in the reading.

·         Enhance your vocabulary

You should also work on your vocabulary by reading more original writings. It will help you to get exposure at a higher level. You can also take the help from the dictionary for the words that you do not recognise. Writing down these kinds of words would help you in future also to remember these. You should use new words in your daily speech. It will help you put words into action in your everyday life.

·         Read the things that gain your interest
Reading is more like fun; you must read the stuff in which you are interested. You are most likely to commit to reading when it is an enjoyable and engaging experience. If you feel bored with the reading, put the book down and do something interesting. You can find out the books related to your hobbies, career goals, or a topic that increase your curiosity. You can also read magazines if you find them interesting whatever your interest in.

·         Creating a favourable reading environment

The more you are associated reading with comfort and the relaxation, more likely you are to continue and develop it further. You should find a pleasant place for reading where no one can disturb you. You should avoid the distractions like TV, play stations, cell phones. Make sure it is the place with good lighting.

·         Reading can be a social experience

Reading can also be an excellent social experience and can be more enjoyable when shared with others.Making it a social experience can inspire you to continue towards its improvement. You can find the encouragement within the group of friends or relatives. Going to a place where all are reading can help you focus more on reading, and you can also grow the habit of reading for yourself.

·         Reading can be a family affair

If you can establish reading as a regular and regular activity in the household, all members of the family will be encouraged to be a better reader. It will allow you to practice your reading skills. Parents can help their children be good readers by reading to them when they are young. Reading to children helps them develop language and listening skills, which prepares them to understand the written word. Keeping your books handy in your household can be also helpful and keeping the books appropriate according to the age.

How to access the reading material?

It is the big question for the students to find the proper books and the reading material appropriate for them as per their age. Here are some of the useful tips for the students:

·         Visiting the local library is a big help for the students. Libraries are the beautiful palaces to find the proper books as it provides the unlimited access to the remarkable collection of reading materials. Librarians are available there to help the students with the content and find them with the appropriate books.

·         Most of the libraries allow you to check out more than one title at once. You can take home several books to give yourself with a variety of reading materials to try.

·         You can also visit the bookstore which has a variety of books. Larger chain bookstores carry everything such as self-help books, novels and academic publications. If you are not sure about what you are looking for, the bookstores can be a big help to you.

·         Buying from a local bookstore is an excellent way to support local business in your community. You can also find some unique books in these smaller stores, like work by local authors who have not been featured nationally.

·         If you are short of money, you can get the used books which are available for just a few dollars; sometimes even for the change, you have in your pocket.

·         You should be careful while buying or second-hand books to check the book thoroughly before buying it or missing or damaged pages. Flip through the entire book to make sure it is not severely torn or water damaged.

In this way, online sources can also be a good help that does not any charge money from some websites and provides the best sources of reading books. More information is available online for free. Find a website or blog that interests you and follow it.You can also find them online that include book reviews, which could lead you to explore other books and authors.

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·         International language
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·         How to choose the best service for yourself?
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·         Services offered
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Various forms of academic writing tasks

Report making
The teacher presumes that when the students sit to make the reports, they have the explicit knowledge of the topic. But we all know that it fails at some point in time. Not all the students have the required a good understanding of writing and report organization. If you choose “write my university assignment,” and type this keyword into the search engine, then you must have professionals and experienced content for your reports and assignments. To get excellence in your statements, pick the one which is reliable and trustworthy.

Essay writing
The students at the high school, college, and the university level must have practised writing an essay. But today’s essays are somewhat different. Now, these writing tasks accredit more than fifty percent of the total marks. The essays are such an academic task which is topic-specific. Also, it should be related to real-world findings and the other current activities. Moreover, along with the topic and course-specific, the deadline and the word count also create a quandary in the students’ minds. You would find interest only in that work for which you own all the required skills. If you too want to perform excellently in the task, then you must construct all the capabilities and the skills which an essay demands.  But this academic task does not give that amount of time to hone the abilities. It always comes with the tag of submitting it earlier than the deadline and the students need to do it. No student will welcome the otherwise results.

Homework writing
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Why do students need professional help for their assignments?
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·         Meeting deadlines
The internet has made the lives more accessible for everyone. It is just a matter of clicking on the online portal which will provide the services of online assignment help and get the work done within the stipulated time. You just need to find the right place which can fulfil all your needs and requirements.
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